Wannacry Petya Ransomware Attack

Wannacry Petya Ransomware Attack Spread Worldwide

The latest news about cyber security is to launched Wannacry Petya Attack has been started from last 6 hours according to rumors that during 6 hours  infecting more than one lac computers worldwide recently and spreading rapidly with infecting systems’s files and unlocking owners out of data.

The vulnerability known as exploiting MS17-010 and also Eternal Blue self attack and there are many antivirus which is unable to find a way to resolve the issue, according to many resources that the newly virus named Petwrap which also known as Petya Ransom after attack directly shutting down the computers in Europe countries and also in Ukraine Russia Spain France India UK Pakistan and targeting the Banks, power supplies and corporate across the world with demanding around $300 dollars in bitcoins currency.

For your information this is the same virus which were introduced last month and infected more than 3 lac servers and computers around the world just with in 72 hours and Petya ransomware attacking most of unpatched windows system around the world

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