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Prevention From Heat Stroke



How to Get Prevent From Heat Stroke

Temperature increasing day by day and till end of the month of July usually it cross more than 55°C degree which is very sever to those who works in under direct sun light more than one hour because continuously working in such high temperature blood circulation system get weak and can not circulate blood to body organs properly and the result is Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration, last year in 2017 the maximum temperature was record as 51 c degree and now in 2018 temperature may increase due to environmental effect on climate around globe because of increase no. of industries and decrease of forests.

How to Prevent From Heat Stroke Tips 2018

When our body’s cooling system cannot keep up with the heat, you may get dehydrate and your body temperature rises above 38°C. And you may get heat related illnesses such as given some below listed.

  • Heat rash (plugged Sweat Glands)         
  • Heat Cramps (sweating has caused salt loss)     
  • Heat Exhaustion             
  • Heat Stroke (very serious… you can die).           
  • As a Final Result Body Got Dehydrated.

Heat Exhaustion 2018

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body cannot keep blood flowing both to vital organs and to the skin for cooling.


  • .Weakness, Feeling Fiant
  • .Headache
  • .Breathlessness
  • .Nausea or Vomiting
  • .Difficulties in Continue Working

Treatment: Get medical aid and cool down (move to shaded area, loosen clothing, drink cool water). It takes 30 minutes atleast to cool the body down from heat exhaustion, and if it’s not treated promptly, it can lead to heat stroke.

Heat Stroke 2018

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. You can die from it. Your body has used up all its water and salt and cannot cool itself. Your temperature rises to dangerous level.


  • ·Confusion and Irrational Behavior
  • ·Convulsions
  • ·Un-Consciousness
  • ·No Sweating, Hot, Dry Skin
  • ·High Blood Pressure.
  • ·High Body Temperature—40 °C or More

Treatment: If a co-worker shows symptoms of heat stroke, you should act fast.

  • ·Call the first aid team or get the worker to a hospital/ Medical Center
  • ·Take aggressive steps to cool the worker down (immerse in a tub or cool water or cool shower)
  • ·If the worker is unconscious, don’t give anything to drink.

Heat Stress Index Table With Flag Colors

Below 38°C                    Flag Green                No Requirement

38 to 45°C                       Flag Yellow               7mins/hour   1 Glass

46 to 54°C                       Flag Orange              10mins/hour  2 Glass

55 to 60°C                       Flag Red                     15mins/hour  3 Glass

Above 60° C                   Flag Black                  Stop All Work

Move impacted person to shaded area and provide water and cool him down if he is conscious.

Precaution during working in hot weather:

  • Put on light, comfy garb that allows sweat to evaporate. light-colored clothes take in much less warmth from the sun.
  • Drink small quantities of water (8 oz.) each half hour. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty.
  • For all of the employee working in hot location are requested to take O.R.S. to keep away from dehydration.
  • Keep away from coffee, tea, and many others. that make you visit the bathroom frequently.
  • Keep away from consuming warm, heavy meals that boom your frame temperature.

When temperatures climb, remember to:

  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored clothing. …
  • Avoid sunburn. …
  • Seek a cooler place. …
  • Drink plenty of fluids. …
  • Take extra precautions with certain medications. …
  • Avoid hot spots. …
  • Let your body acclimate to the heat.

To prevent heat related illness and fatalities:

  • Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty.
  • Rest in the shade to cool down.
  • Wear a hat and light-colored clothing.
  • Learn the signs of heat illness and what to do in an emergency.
  • Keep an eye on fellow workers

Heatstroke treatment centers on cooling your body to a normal temperature to prevent or reduce damage to your brain and vital organs. To do this, your doctor may take these steps:

  • Immerse you in cold water.
  • A bath of cold or ice water can quickly lower your temperature.
  • Use evaporation cooling techniques.

Some medical doctors opt to use evaporation in preference to immersion to lower your frame temperature. on this technique, cool water is misted to your pores and skin at the same time as heat air fanned over your body causes the water to evaporate, cooling the pores and skin.

Percent you with ice and cooling blankets. any other method is to wrap you in a unique cooling blanket and observe ice packs in your groin, neck, back and armpits to lower your temperature come up with medications to forestall your shivering. If treatments to lower your frame temperature make you shiver, your health practitioner may additionally give you a muscle relaxant, together with a benzodiazepine. Shivering will increase your body temperature, making treatment less powerful.


Signs of Heat Exhaustion 

The Signs of Heat Exhaustion include:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Loss of appetite and feeling sick
  • Excessive sweating and pale clammy skin
  • Cramps in the arms, legs and stomach
  • Fast breathing or pulse
  • Temperature of 37C or above
  • Intense thirst

First aid for heat exhaustion and heat stroke

  • You need to cool the person down. Follow these 5 steps:
  • move them to a cool place
  • remove any unnecessary clothing
  • get them to lie down and raise their feet slightly
  • get them to drink plenty of water (sports or rehydration drinks are ok)
  • cool their skin – spray or sponge them with cool water and fan them (ice packs around the armpits or neck are good too)
  • Every few minutes, check that their breathing and pulse are ok.

Urgently Refer to the Hospital to take First Aid if Condition looks like below

  • If patient getting not well more than 35 minutes
  • feels hot and dry
  • has a temperature of 40C or above
  • has rapid or shortness of breath
  • is confused
  • has a fit (seizure)
  • loses consciousness
  • is unresponsive
  • These can be signs of heat stroke.

Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

  • There is a high risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke during hot weather or exercise.
  • To help prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke:
  • drink plenty of cold drinks, especially when exercising
  • take cool baths or showers
  • wear light-colored, loose clothing
  • sprinkle water over skin or clothes
  • avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • avoid excess alcohol

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Best Beauty Bridal Tips before Wedding 2019 Urdu



Best Beauty Bridal Tips before Wedding 2019 Urdu

Best bridal beauty tips before getting of marriage, now a days every where it is a cultural to look attractive in the eyes of beholder during wedding, as it is the wish of each girl to become beautiful bridal and also it is same for groom to look gorgeous in public even in friends and relatives at the time of wedding. but in some cases the most of girls worried about their beauty like face skin hairs nails and even weight so for those girls here we are bring some best tips to not worried at their wedding after reading this article because this will be helpful for all

Best Beauty Bridal Tips Urdu

  • Sab sy pahly apny sonay ki routine banai matlab kabhi late kabhi jaldi wala chakar khatam karlyn. Kamsy kam 8 se 9 ghantay ki neend pori karlena bahut zaruri hai.
  • Agar aap ki neend pori nahi hogi to uski waja thakwat banygi aur thakawat ki waja se usky asraat ap k chehray face par numayaan hojaingy isky ilawa ankhon ko ird gird halky kalay daaag ana shuru hojaingy to neend ka pora karna behad zaruri hai
  • Rozana kuch na kuch exercise karliya karyn isy aap fit rahyngy aur kaam ka boj apny upar se thora kam karhna hoga takay agar aap ka weight wazan ziyada hai tou kum ho jayga aur aap apni shaadi yani wedding par smart and goodlooking nazar aaingy.
  • Shadi ki din qareeb hony par pani ki quantity miqdar barhain rozana 8 se 9 glass pani lazmi use karyn.
  • Aisi tama ashiyain jisme chiknai hon unsey parhaiz karna hoga jesa k mithai chocolate wagera.
  • Fruits phal aur fresh sabziyon ka istamal barhain ye ap ko fresh aur fit rakhengi
  • Cleaning daily basis par karyn isy jism se gardo gubar khatam hojaigi aur jis sheshy kit rah saaf hojayga.
  • Weak me 2 se 3 baar scrubing lazmi Karen aur kisi expert beautician say mashwara karyn aur apni skin k hisaab say scrub ka intekhaab karyn takay koi problem na ho.
  • Chehry k sath sath apny hairs ka bahut khayal rakhyn
  • Ghar me har hafty monecure aur pedicure Karen ta k aap k hath poaon saaf rahyn har wakt
  • Balon ko khushki se bachain aur har wakt care karyn takay aap k baal chamakdaar mulaim rahyn
  • Apni beautician se mashwara kar k month men ek bar lazmi facial kareyn aur inky ilawa apni ghiza ka khas khayal rakhyn aisi giza use kry jisy ap ki skin par effect na ho aur fresh Juices ka istemal ziada se ziyada karyn.

In tamam beauty tips par amal karyn aur apni shadi wedding par haseen aur attractive nazar aain aur twaja ka markaz banyn

How to Prevent Hair fall Tips 2019 

Hair fall Balon Ka Girna aur ganjpan se chhutkara hasil karyn hair therapy se Agar aap apny sar k ganjpan se chhutkara hasil karna chahtay hyn to Aaj k daur men sab kuch asan hai aur market men wo tamam chezen available hen jisy ap istamal kar ka apny giry huy baal wapisa ana aur balon k mazeed girny se chhutkara hasilkar sakty hen basaani hamary is article k through.

Watch Best Hair Styles  2019

Aaj k is rangarangi daur me har kisi k balon k sath koi na koi probelm mojood hai aur yehi waja hai k ham apny balon par itna dhyan b nahi dety jinki waja se hamary balon par nihayat he bury asraat party hen aur kuch hamary poluted environment ki waja be ho sakti ha aur ye sab sirf ek aam insan k liye he nahi balky duniya bhra k logon me pai jaty hen jesa k politicians, actoress actors, models aur sports players be balon k ganjpany ka shikar hen, to aise tamam afraad jin ky baal girty hen unko pareshan hony ki ab bilkul be zarurat nahi ku ky hamary pas hai iska behtreen ilaj, Lekin ek aur bat ka khas khayal rakhna hai k ye makeup skin k liye kabhi kabhi harmful hoty hen ku k inme chemicals pai jatay hen agar ap makeup k nuqsanat k baray me jaana chahty hen to yahan click karyn.

Har dosri larki ho ya larka, yehi chahty hen k wo unky balon ka look chamkadaar khubsurat ghany lamby aur kaaly hon jo unky personality me nikhar paida kary aur ha insan apny balon ki waja se he khubsurat dikhta ha agar baal he na rahy to insan adhura se reh jata ha jis attraction me kami se ajati hai aur yehi waja hai k har koi apny balon ki care karty hen ta k wo achy se dikhny lagyn aur sab unki tareefon ky pahlu bandh len.

Apny balon ko Girny se Kese Rokyn Tarika 2019 

  • Hairfall rokny k liye in oils ka mixture banai Caster oil 2 chamach, amla oil 2 chamach, shakakai oil 2 chamach, rice powder 2 chamach, 2 andy eggs aur neem k kuch patay in sab ko achi trah mix karlen aur apny hairs k jar root par aram se lagain 46 se 50 minute tak lagy rahny den fir achy shampoo se wash karlyn/ ye amal 2 weaks tak jari rakhyn Insha Allah faida hoga.
  • Apny hairs ko shiny chamkdar aur smoot silky banany k liye weak me 2 bar ek pase banai jismen neem k patay lemon k juice me 30 minutes k liye rakhyn aur apny balon par lagain 30 minutes k liye aur phir wash karlen.
  • Barish aur moisture ki waja se bal berukhy hojaty hen aur kantaydar ban jatay hen aur phir unki chamak aur silk khtam hojati hai to aisy me balon par kangi karna be mushkil hojata ha to isky liye zaruri hai k pahle balon ko achi tarah pankhy par khush karlen aur phir protein based conditioner ka istamal krany to bal achy silky chamaakdar aur mazbut ban jaty hen

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