Pakistani Hacker Mr.X3r0 Hacked 2.2K Indian Websites

Pakistani Hacker Mr.X3r0 Hacked 2.2K Indian Technology Websites 

Pakistani hacker Known as Mr.X3r0 hacked 22 hundreds Indian websites including chandrapurpolice and several schools, colleges, universities, shopping and technology websites hacked today evening to take revenge, after hacked ministries of gov of Pakistan websites hacked by Indian hackers on 14th august 2017 the Pakistani hacker got active and start to attack India Cyber and hacked more than 5 thousands websites in a single day to show patriotism and to warn Indian hackers to stay away from Pakistani cyber and do not try to hack again and again same server websites do some different if you have guts to do otherwise leave hacking.

A Pakistani hacker known as Mr.X3r0 Team Pak Cyber Ghost hacked more than 22k Indian technology websites hacker placed Pakistani flag on their websites and warn Indian hackers to stop away from Pakistani websites more hacker said hate with your security do not hate others the hacker written their name as Pak Cyber Ghost, below is the link given as proof from zone-h official website.

22k Indian Websites Hacked By Pak Cyber Ghosts including main famous Indian hosting service provider some website are given below and full website can show in the below link of paste bin.

Mirror Zone H

Paste Bin Full List Link:

As everybody know the war between Indian and Pakistani hackers has been started from 13th august to celebrate and show patriotism for their countries and to reveal security breaches against each other but this is not a legal way to harm each others social working websites.

Pakistani Hackers hacked several Indian Websites to Celebrate Independence day of Pakistan 2017 Visit  Here


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