Khaani Episode 22 Sana Javed Har Pal Geo

Khaani Episode 22 Sana Javed Har Pal Geo

Khaani Episode 22 Sana Javed Har Pal Geo, Drama serial Khaani got highest ranked all over in Pakistan and also across the country because of the story of this drama in which shows the real life of lovers and friends in this show, ans that is the reason to became viral on social media and every one wanted to watch this serial.

Khaani is actual the name of girl in this serial khaani scared about small and little things around her in this serial khaani has a brothers name Sarim which were killed by in a car accident the killer was Mir Hadi which were already threatened to family to keep silent about Sarim accident and gradually Mir Hadi have fall in love with Khaani.

Mir Hadi wants to get married with Khaani but khaani don’t want to marry with him and this was not good for khaani’s family and that’s the reason the family of Khaani out of away from Mir Hadi and Mir Hadi tried to watch every where and willing to marriage with Khaani.
Khaani Episode 22 Sana Javed Har Pal Geo

You Are Watching Urdu Drama Khaani Episode 22

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Here is the detailed about drama serial Khaani 

Drama Name:                                    KHAANI
Written By:                                         Asma Nabeel
Directed By:                                       Anjum Shehzad
Starring By :                                       Sana Javed & Feroz Khan
Country:                                              Pakistan
Language:                                           Urdu
Runing Time:                                     30 to 45 Minutes
Production:                                        7th Sky Entertainment
Original Network:                             Geo Entertainment
Cast of Khaani

Leading Role
Real Name: Sana Javed                        Role Name: Khaani
Real Name: Feroz Khan                       Role Name: Mir Hadi

Supporting Role
Real Name: Rashid Farooqui               Role Name: Salman Ali Khan
Real Name: Khushi Naeem                  Role Name: Raima
Real Name: Qavi Khan                          Role Name: Hamid Malik
Real Name: Mehmood Aslam              Role Name: Mir Shah
Real Name: Saman Ansari                    Role Name: Sitara Shah
Real Name: Salma Hassan                   Role Name: Sonia Salman
Real Name: Shehzad Mukhtar            Role Name: Mithal
Real Name: Malik Emad                      Role Name: Ali
Real Name: Rihma Ahmad                  Role Name: Sana Ali Khan
Real Name: Shehzeen Rahat               Role Name: Sara Ali Khan


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