Hackers Hacked Famous YouTube Accounts and Warning BTS

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Hackers Hacked Famous YouTube Accounts and Warning BTS

Despacito YouTube channel and several other famous YouTube channel hacked by Hackers yesterday morning and changed the video title and also uploaded a group images in which some people wearing by mask and taken guns in their hands with red colored mask pictured can be seen in this article below.

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The hackers, calling their names as Kuroi’sh and Prosox, had replaced some of the videos’ titles with their own messages, including a call to “freedom of my country” with their nicknames.

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The video was taken offline for curtain time till the bug was fixed by team YouTube. But videos of several artists posted by hosting service Vevo, including Selena Gomez, Drake, Shakira, and Taylor Swift were also listed claimed according to hacker.

The detail about hacker as the mentioned and warning many cyber and social attack coming soon and and recently they tweet in their personal Twitter account that they will soon hack BTS account and many other famous YouTube accounts in future.

In their Tweet its looks that they will continue their hacking attack on different accounts as shown in their given Tweets. and the further hacker said in their twitter account that they will soon take down @NasaHubble @Jackpaul and @LoganPaul accounts and hacker also claimed that they are already hacked YouTube CEO SusanWojcicki’s official Twitter and YouTube accounts

Here are the link of Twitter accounts of Kurio’SH and Prosox’s accounts 



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