Gulperi Episode 22 English Subtitles

Gulperi Episode 22 English Subtitles

Gulperi Episode 22 English Subtitles, Gulperi a real story filmed on a lady who faced several difficulties in her life to protect her children and to face the problems during the crisis in war near border, in this serial covered whole story that how a lone lady may survive and protect their children.

It is the lesson for those women who are victim or forced to do what they want so in this series is also teaches all women to live like a brave and to fight till death to defeat enemies.

Gulperi Episode 22 English

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Gülperi’s wife is hunterly killed while working at Eyüp Iraq border. Gulper who learns that his wife is dead experiences a great pain. The greatest pain in Gulperi is to live with his wife’s family. The family takes the children from Gulperi, who think that their sons are the only ones who are responsible for the death of their son.

He goes to jail in the war he’s taking to get his Gulper children back. He sends Gulperi to Istanbul to keep his father-in-law away from prison. Gülperi continues his life by becoming a pagan in Istanbul. Then he finds a job in a fashion house and finds childhood love Lawyer Kadir Aydin.

There is a love between Gulpery and Lawyer Kadir, but Gülperi’s mind is still in Bedriye, Hasan and Can in Gaziantep. He launches a great war of laws to get his Gulper children.

Gulpery Directed By: Cem Karci

Produced By: Burak Sagyasar

Music By: Cem Oget

Cast By: Rabia Sultan

Release Date: September 14h 2018

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