The Girl Without a Phone

The Girl Without a Phone

The Girl Without a Phone is an story consists on school girl named Sierra and School boy named Charlie, the weirdest boy at school. and girl
Sierra accidentally agrees to go out with Charlie, She’s too nice to break up with him, so she and Lily hatch a plan to get Charlie to dump her instead. Their plan
backfires however, and Charlie falls deeper in love. Sierra pulls out all the stops and finally gets Charlie to call it off – but her victory is bittersweet because she realizes that she has fallen for him – and needs a new plan to win him back.

The Girl Without a Phone A Great Frog Princess Story 

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This Great Story Written & Directed by

Robert Randall for the Young Actors Project
Starring Shea Smeltzer as Sierra, Trevor Walls as Charlie, Laine Taylor as Lily, and Kendra Cordick as Cassidy.


Special guest appearance by:

Sean ITSYEBOI Callaghan

Cast: SheaSmeltzer Laineyy.t GraceOsbrn TrevorWallsTV Z.N.Josh RhysDawkins Samantha.MK  Luke Forrester002 Andrew J Barber


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