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Elimi Bırakma Episode 35 English Don’t Let Go of My Hand



Elimi Bırakma Episode 35 English Don’t Let Go of My Hand

Elimi Birakma Episode 35 English, Don’t let go of my hand The Great Family Story Filmed in the shape of series on Turkish TV Channel, A real story based series soon will upload all episodes in English language to understand easily for our international viewers

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Episode 2 Watch Elimi Birakma | Don’t Let Go of My Hand Full

Words Translated In English

Don’t Let Go of My Hand Elimi Birakma Episode 1 English Subtitles uploaded here with English translation watch full episode Elimi Birakma

The Great Family Story Filmed in the shape of series on Turkish TV Channel, We will upload all episodes translated in English, this series yet not released, soon it’s first episode launching by TV channel so will upload here on our websites so hope you will enjoy to watch this serial

Elimi Birakma (2018) Season 1 Episode 2

  1. Genre: How to watch elimi birakma episode 4 turkis drama
  2. Creator: Sadullah Celen
  3. First Air Date: 2018-07-01
  4. Last Air Date: 2018-07-01
  5. Total Seasons: 1
  6. Status: Returning Series
  7. Episode Running time: 120 min.
  8. Networks: TRT 1

Elimi Birakma Cast and Crew

Elimi Birakma Air Date: 22-July 2018

Duration: 120 Minutes

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Harmful Effects of Using Makeup, Cosmetics and Skin Care Products



Harmful Effects of Using Makeup, Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Everyone dreams of waking up absolutely for looking beautiful and charming, like models actors and actress in movies. If you did not know, excessive uses of something can in fact lead to the worst nightmares you will ever make of yourself. Here in this article some most harmful effects of cosmetics and skin care stuffs that that used worldwide on daily basis.


Effects of Hair Removal Creams on Skin

Nobody knows that what are the effect and causes of using hair removal creams on skin. Hair removal creams are used in worldwide to remove hairs from skin and looks fresh and clean, but what are the causes after excessive uses on skin.

Before knowing causes you must know about ingredients because it is important to know what are you using on your skin, most of the hair removal creams mostly are made up with chemicals that affect on skin in which Keratin is a chemical that contained a substance which can cause Skin Cancer and it is acute disease which results rashes, irritations and major allergic reactions on skin which is not handled by skin specialist or any doctors.

So I would like to suggest you that use hair removal but not excessive and if you feel irritation or allergic on skin contact skin specialist and leave to use hair removal creams otherwise you fill face major acute disease like cancer.

Harmful Effects Using Lip Sticks 

Most of the women and girls even teenagers are using lipsticks on daily basis but less girls does not knows about harmful effects of makeup, even most few persons knows that what sorts of material chemical used in Lipstick while making, Mostly lipsticks are made up of Lead in large quantity used in lipstick and lead is the Metal its harmful effects are chromium and aluminum forms which is extremely harmful and causes irreversible health damage. They cause irritation, allergy and chapping on the lips and surrounding skin.

Harmful Effects of Using Multi Types of Medicinal Creams 

Most of girl’s women using creams on the suggestion of their relatives and friends but they actually do not know the effects of creams in such cases most of the creams are advised by doctors are little bit well and true but according to doctor’s instructions.

Topical steroids are ointments, creams and lotions which contain Long-term topical steroids may cause side effects some of acne, skin redness, mild burning, tingling or changes in skin color, dryness and cracking of treated skin.

Harmful Effect of Sun Screen Scrub Using on Face  

There are numerous sunscreen effects on face but most of peoples don’t know so in this topic we are telling you about harmful effects on face using sun block or sunscreens. Lotions and sunscreens that are thought to protect skin from the UV ultraviolet rays from the sun directly hit on face and the cause of those sun blocks and screens are they contain some toxic materials that can cause Skin Cancer which were tested in most of the best laboratories but the solution is not find yet so please be careful and protect your skin.

Sun protection is necessary, and especially to prevent skin cancers, sunburn and premature aging. But, chemical sunscreens can have side effects and pose risks due to some medications used in such as tetracycline and parthenogenesis etc.

The Damaging Effects of Makeup and Cosmetics in Teenagers or Younger  

Now a day’s both teens and twins are using makeup for attend wedding, events or shopping or even schools or colleges. In an online survey makeup dealer established that young girls are starting to use makeup regularly as early age like 12 which can lead most harmful effects on their life.

Most of the makeup found on the market actually consists on harmful chemicals. Researchers have linked these chemicals to diverse health issues due to the known or alleged effects on hormones in peoples and everyone knows that In young teens whose hormones are just in developing stage, these chemicals are effect body’s stability and may lead to harmful effects like skin or mesothelioma cancer or even infertility.

In growth, teens that used makeup frequently can cause to common sicknesses, staph infections, eye infections, cold sores and even herpes it is the example of virus on skin and nervous system.

Some Harmful Side Effects of Using Sunscreen  

Here are some most dangerous side effects of sunscreen using on face, How to earn online daily click here

Eye Irritation

Using sunscreen into the eye can cause severe pain and irritation. This can lead to burning or sensitivity to light. If the sunscreen gets into the eyes wash eyes with cool water and checkup with eye specialist because some state that chemical sunscreens can also cause blindness.

Risk of Breast Cancer

Sunscreen includes ingredients that can have estrogen effects on breast cancer cells. Some sunscreens can have effects on blood estrogen levels. Avoid using chemical sunscreens on your children, as their skin tends to absorb the chemicals instantly.

Allergic Reactions

Sunscreens include some chemicals that can cause skin irritation such as redness, swelling, irritation and itching. Some people develop severe allergic reactions with rashes and intense itching.

Sunscreens can Damage Acne

If you have acne-prone skin, some chemicals in the sunscreen product can worsen your problem. To avoid side effect of sunscreen you can use non-comedogenic and non-oily sunscreens.

Best Tips to Avoid the Side Effects Caused By Sunscreen

  • If it causes irritation or redness Wash and stop using the sunscreen
  • Checkup with your doctor or seek the pharmacist advice about replace a new sunscreen
  • Choose oil-free and non comedogenic sunscreen, if you have oily skin
  • Avoid using sunscreen to teenagers or kids
  • Reapply sunscreen after each 2 hours, if you are going to outside for long time
  • Apply on the lip area only If using the lip balm form of sunscreen

Tips that How to Use Sunscreen 

  • Apply the sunscreen all over the uncovered skin.
  • Apply these before 30 minutes you going out in the sun
  • After swimming or sweating it is advise to reapply the sunscreen
  • Reapplying sunscreen after every 4 hours even if you are indoors

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Best Beauty Bridal Tips before Wedding 2019 Urdu



Best Beauty Bridal Tips before Wedding 2019 Urdu

Best bridal beauty tips before getting of marriage, now a days every where it is a cultural to look attractive in the eyes of beholder during wedding, as it is the wish of each girl to become beautiful bridal and also it is same for groom to look gorgeous in public even in friends and relatives at the time of wedding. but in some cases the most of girls worried about their beauty like face skin hairs nails and even weight so for those girls here we are bring some best tips to not worried at their wedding after reading this article because this will be helpful for all

Best Beauty Bridal Tips Urdu

  • Sab sy pahly apny sonay ki routine banai matlab kabhi late kabhi jaldi wala chakar khatam karlyn. Kamsy kam 8 se 9 ghantay ki neend pori karlena bahut zaruri hai.
  • Agar aap ki neend pori nahi hogi to uski waja thakwat banygi aur thakawat ki waja se usky asraat ap k chehray face par numayaan hojaingy isky ilawa ankhon ko ird gird halky kalay daaag ana shuru hojaingy to neend ka pora karna behad zaruri hai
  • Rozana kuch na kuch exercise karliya karyn isy aap fit rahyngy aur kaam ka boj apny upar se thora kam karhna hoga takay agar aap ka weight wazan ziyada hai tou kum ho jayga aur aap apni shaadi yani wedding par smart and goodlooking nazar aaingy.
  • Shadi ki din qareeb hony par pani ki quantity miqdar barhain rozana 8 se 9 glass pani lazmi use karyn.
  • Aisi tama ashiyain jisme chiknai hon unsey parhaiz karna hoga jesa k mithai chocolate wagera.
  • Fruits phal aur fresh sabziyon ka istamal barhain ye ap ko fresh aur fit rakhengi
  • Cleaning daily basis par karyn isy jism se gardo gubar khatam hojaigi aur jis sheshy kit rah saaf hojayga.
  • Weak me 2 se 3 baar scrubing lazmi Karen aur kisi expert beautician say mashwara karyn aur apni skin k hisaab say scrub ka intekhaab karyn takay koi problem na ho.
  • Chehry k sath sath apny hairs ka bahut khayal rakhyn
  • Ghar me har hafty monecure aur pedicure Karen ta k aap k hath poaon saaf rahyn har wakt
  • Balon ko khushki se bachain aur har wakt care karyn takay aap k baal chamakdaar mulaim rahyn
  • Apni beautician se mashwara kar k month men ek bar lazmi facial kareyn aur inky ilawa apni ghiza ka khas khayal rakhyn aisi giza use kry jisy ap ki skin par effect na ho aur fresh Juices ka istemal ziada se ziyada karyn.

In tamam beauty tips par amal karyn aur apni shadi wedding par haseen aur attractive nazar aain aur twaja ka markaz banyn

How to Prevent Hair fall Tips 2019 

Hair fall Balon Ka Girna aur ganjpan se chhutkara hasil karyn hair therapy se Agar aap apny sar k ganjpan se chhutkara hasil karna chahtay hyn to Aaj k daur men sab kuch asan hai aur market men wo tamam chezen available hen jisy ap istamal kar ka apny giry huy baal wapisa ana aur balon k mazeed girny se chhutkara hasilkar sakty hen basaani hamary is article k through.

Watch Best Hair Styles  2019

Aaj k is rangarangi daur me har kisi k balon k sath koi na koi probelm mojood hai aur yehi waja hai k ham apny balon par itna dhyan b nahi dety jinki waja se hamary balon par nihayat he bury asraat party hen aur kuch hamary poluted environment ki waja be ho sakti ha aur ye sab sirf ek aam insan k liye he nahi balky duniya bhra k logon me pai jaty hen jesa k politicians, actoress actors, models aur sports players be balon k ganjpany ka shikar hen, to aise tamam afraad jin ky baal girty hen unko pareshan hony ki ab bilkul be zarurat nahi ku ky hamary pas hai iska behtreen ilaj, Lekin ek aur bat ka khas khayal rakhna hai k ye makeup skin k liye kabhi kabhi harmful hoty hen ku k inme chemicals pai jatay hen agar ap makeup k nuqsanat k baray me jaana chahty hen to yahan click karyn.

Har dosri larki ho ya larka, yehi chahty hen k wo unky balon ka look chamkadaar khubsurat ghany lamby aur kaaly hon jo unky personality me nikhar paida kary aur ha insan apny balon ki waja se he khubsurat dikhta ha agar baal he na rahy to insan adhura se reh jata ha jis attraction me kami se ajati hai aur yehi waja hai k har koi apny balon ki care karty hen ta k wo achy se dikhny lagyn aur sab unki tareefon ky pahlu bandh len.

Apny balon ko Girny se Kese Rokyn Tarika 2019 

  • Hairfall rokny k liye in oils ka mixture banai Caster oil 2 chamach, amla oil 2 chamach, shakakai oil 2 chamach, rice powder 2 chamach, 2 andy eggs aur neem k kuch patay in sab ko achi trah mix karlen aur apny hairs k jar root par aram se lagain 46 se 50 minute tak lagy rahny den fir achy shampoo se wash karlyn/ ye amal 2 weaks tak jari rakhyn Insha Allah faida hoga.
  • Apny hairs ko shiny chamkdar aur smoot silky banany k liye weak me 2 bar ek pase banai jismen neem k patay lemon k juice me 30 minutes k liye rakhyn aur apny balon par lagain 30 minutes k liye aur phir wash karlen.
  • Barish aur moisture ki waja se bal berukhy hojaty hen aur kantaydar ban jatay hen aur phir unki chamak aur silk khtam hojati hai to aisy me balon par kangi karna be mushkil hojata ha to isky liye zaruri hai k pahle balon ko achi tarah pankhy par khush karlen aur phir protein based conditioner ka istamal krany to bal achy silky chamaakdar aur mazbut ban jaty hen

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Best Face Cream for Remove Blackheads Acne and Dots Dry skin 2019



Best Face Cream for Remove Blackheads Acne and Dots Dry skin 2019

For what reason do you require a Reasonableness cream? Residue, contamination and different variables can make your skin unfortunate. This prompts a dull and dim appearance which is unappealing and undesirable. So as to light up and brighten your skin, you require believed decency creams which advance your skin with nutrients and supplements to make it shine from within.

These creams are likewise extraordinary for skin brightening and give incredible outcomes. Peruse on to discover more!

How to Remove Black dot or Acne from Face Urdu 

There are lots of creams for remove black dot and acne from face but these creams alternately make your face looks like black shade of wrongly used by you or if used expired or multi whitening creams from market or low price local creams which can cause several effects on your face so you need to care your face and here I would like to suggest you some best tricks to remove acne and black dots from your face.

How to Use Instruction to use In Urdu

Black dot Acne or Pimple face par hain to dry fruits khany k bad ek cup doodh zaroor piyen.

Winter men coffee ka ziada use kiya jata hai ism ek baat ka dhiyaan rakhen ek cup coffee peeny se body se 7 seven glass paani water khatam hojata hai or winter mai pani wese bhi larkiya bahut kam use krti hain matlab kam pani kam piya jata hai ku ki itni pyaas nahi lagti islye jab bhee coffee piyen pani bhi ziada piyen.

Most Important In Urdu

Orange k chhilky k behtreen results, Jab bhee Orange khain chhilka nahe phainky balky usy sunlight suraj ki roshni me dry khusk krne k lye rakh dy 10,12 din mai wo dry hojaygay aur phir uska powder khud he bana kar garmiyoo mai use karny se best results milengy aur face par tamam acne chhaiya, spot,pimples blckheads khatam hojaingy aur jitna ho sakhy ziyada chhilky khushk dry kar k rakhy

Rundown of 3 Best Decency and Brightening Creams 2019

Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream Moisturizer 

Olay White Brilliance Lighting up Escalated Cream Lotion makes your skin smooth, gives an even skin tone and fixes suntan. Outstanding amongst other face creams for sparkling skin, its SPF 50 equation for concentrated assurance and cell level innovation gives profound cell brilliance to the ideal gleam that you generally need for. Hence, this tops the rundown for the best skin brightening cream.

  1. Diminishes dull spots caused because of skin inflammation.
  2. Diminishes dull spots caused because of skin inflammation.
  3. It helps your skin to its unique appearance.
  4. Gives security from destructive UV beams.
  5. Makes your skin delicate.

Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

This reasonableness cream contains skin helping specialists that assistance light up your skin. It has SPF 50 recipe that shields your skin from unforgiving sun beams. Revlon mark is a quickly developing brand in the skin brightening cream portion and it has begun picking up parcel of good audits about their items. This is outstanding amongst other creams for skin brightening.

  1. It spreads well and gets effortlessly assimilated.
  2. Gives durable hydration.
  3. Has a lovely aroma.
  4. Fixes suntan.

Boutique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream

The cream contains additional virgin coconut oil and other organic concentrates. It is normal and concoction free. This again is extraordinary compared to other alternatives for natural decency cream items as it is exceptionally sheltered on the skin. This is an extraordinary ayurvedic decency cream alternative.

  1. Saturates your skin.
  2. Reasonable for all skin types.
  3. It lessens melanin development in your skin.
  4. Gives an even skin tones.

For Acne and Blackhead Face and Skin 

Aisi larkiya ya mard hazraat jin k face par black dot ya pimples ya chhaiyan haine to un tamam girls k liye Neutrogena he suit karega or isme Anti Acne moisturizer b aa sakta hy.

For Oily Face and Skin

Neutrogena ka oil free moisturizer use kareyn is se aap k face aur skin moisturize b rahegi or extra oil b nahi aayega.

For Dry Face and Skin

  • Nivea moisturizer
  • Vaseline lotion
  •  lotion
  • Body butter etc ziada suit karte hyn

For Normal Face and Skin 

Normal skin wali girls apny Face aur skin k hisaab se koi b best winter cream use kar sakti hyn aur mard hazraat be use kr sakty hen.

For Combination Skin and Face

Aesy Face aur skin wali girls pe Neutrogena ziyaada suitable hy magar wo baki creams b use kar sakti hyn, mazeed beauty tips k liye hamari websites par daily new post upload ki jati hain agar ap Weight lose karna chahty hen to yahan click karyn


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