Google Secrets 2018

Top 20 Google Secret 2017 and 2018

Billions users of googles are using Google features, apps devices, Google is the most highest search engine rising out more than 80% of other internet searches worldwide, there are many google secrets and mysterious secret features tips and artifices to use for fresh your mind and also for fun, some of them are given below.
The tricks to find any google secret is very simple to everyone here is the tricks to find best google secrets 2017 and 2018.

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First of all open and type any secret name you want to find the example given in above picture.

Google Emoji after type press on I’m Feeling Lucky in google given below picture with showing results this way you can find most hidden secrets on google


1. Google Emoji.

In this secret google listing, viewing and showing all pictures about emoji’s and all sorts of emoji’s kept by google here.

2.Google Gravity

Gravity secret is very interesting and funny you can enjoy when you type google gravity in search bar and press on i am feeling lucky all objects flying in air and you can catch these moving objects and throw them to any corner, top, bottom and downside.


3.Google in Space

It is amazing secret when you type google in space you will find all objects looks like in space and also you can hit by mouse and to send any direction by the help of mouse button.


4.Google in Zipper

Zipper is an interesting it looks like you opening zip of someone’s clothes and closing google’s zip lol.

5.Google Underwater

Fish are looks awesome during jumping and swimming under water in the beautiful and attractive features so start to find this and  get enjoy by using this secret.


6.Google Guitar

In this feature of google you can use a guitar and start to try to make your own good music.



It is the shiny red colored logo of googoth with full stylish and attractive.


8.Google Moon

In this feature anyone can view full of moon from multi places close view landed pictures by NASA.



It is best looks like triangle direction and very interesting.


10.Google Pacman

Best google secret and in Pacman anyone can play an arcade game it is very interesting with nice feature.


11.Google 1980

In this feature type google 1980 you will find the old picture and videos kept on google to show viewers.


12.Google Flip a coin

Do a barrel roll’ type in search and click on I’m Feeling Lucky. to watch Google search page will start to roll and flip 360 degrees.


13.Google Halloween

Halloween is best to watch all sorts of Halloween samples celebrated mostly in the Europe countries by using different types of mask and clothes to enjoy.

14.Google Soccer

 Soccer is a play game in google if anyone getting tired after work in office or  working in home on computer so can reduce stress play google soccer to become fresh this is really good game.

15.Do a Barrel Roll

 Flip your screen left to right and by using this do a barrel roll very funny.


16.Epic Google

 Epic is very funny it looks that screen coming to you by increasing screen.


17.Google Snake

 This is very nice game to play on google when you get bored.

18.Google Orbit

Google orbit is really Awesome! Just type Google Orbit and press on the I’m Feeling Lucky, you’ll watch swirl spin homepage and when you close your mouse all the screen follow you  The text on the screen revolves around the center logo

19.Google Atari breakout

In this feature of google anyone can play an Atari game online by just typing google Atari breakout in

20.Draw a stickman

In this feature to reduce tiredness you can play several google best games like given in picture to draw cartoons.

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