How to Earn Money on YouTube

How to Earn Money on YouTube Worldwide special in India and In Pakistan


Dear viewers today in this article information is contained about online earning by YouTube, before start earning online everybody must know some basic points to start your work because if you will not improve basic points of working on YouTube for the purpose of earning than you will not be able to get high revenue and may be you may face many problems related community guidelines and Ad-sense policy.

The reason behind this today’s everybody willing to earning online because utilization their education and skills of computer for earning in their free time through YouTube.

Before start creating new channel on YouTube you must read carefully about community rules and regulations of Google Ad-sense because if you will not read carefully than you may wrongly violate their policy and regulation and if you will not fulfill their community policy will not able to earn by YouTube.

Points to Keep Remember Before Start Working Online on YouTube

  1. You must know what the users want to watch and which is best niche and will famous for earning.
  2. You must use your own written data that is article quote or images do not copy others to protect your channel otherwise you will face copyright issue and your channel may suspended due to reason.
  3. You must have some basic skills on Adobe Photoshop to make attractive images or pictures to make some best videos.
  4. Use help to publish your post through social pages like Facebook Twitter Whats-app Instagram Pinterest and Linked in to make your article or video viral with your friends.
  5. Use good title words and valuable searching keywords to get first when anyone searching on google or on YouTube.
  6. Write concise and straight to give your message clear whatever about you want to share with viewers.


First of all make a new Gmail account or use old one if did not use for online.

  • Use your real address and contact numbers and apply for Ad-sense which guide you How to earn money from your videos
  • Magnetization will enable when your first 10k views completed on any video uploaded by you on YouTube.
  • For completion of 10K views you need to share your video with your friends through social accounts that is Facebook Twitter Whats-app Pinterest Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • You must use a legal way to get 10K views otherwise Ad-sense will suspend your channel if you use fake views or violate Ad-sense community rules.

How to Make or Edit a Video

There are several best video editors you can find on google and can download free and also you can able to buy premium some most and good video editors are given below.

  • Download free or buy premium videos maker and videos editor are Camtasia and Vegas Pro that is best video  makers and videos editor you can free download from searching on google and start to make your own videos.
  • If you want to make videos with multiple pictures than you must use Adobe Photoshop to make some attractive pictures for create videos and upload on YouTube.
  • And if you have a video than you can edit the video on above given video makers and editors easily.
  • Make videos carefully attractive and easily understand for anyone on any new topic but never copy others.

This way you can start to earning on YouTube easily on monthly basis and also you can increased your monthly revenue by creating some good attractive videos.


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